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FOX News
Dec 7, 2012 3:00am EST
ground. >> hopefully they will come back strong either. stronger. >> it is like the clinton era. >> that was actuall clinton that had the burning things. we will be right back. >> don't we all? anyway, coming coming up, how much are toddlers going for? lori roth man discusses telling her baby on ebay. did the grammies number justin bieber this year? the story president obama doesn't want you to hear. >>> this is a fox news alert. i am elizabeth pran from new york. a strong earthquake rocking japan. the usgs saying it was a 7.4 magnitude quake. a tsunami warning was issued and it could be as high as two yards. so far there is no word on any major damage. videos show buildings in tokyo swaying for at least several minutes. you may remember the massive earthquake last year in japan. this tremor is not expected to produce those kind of widespread tsunamis. again, a 7.4 magnitude quake striking off the coast of japan has triggered a tsunami alert, but at this point there is no word on any damage. stay with fox newschannel for the latest on this developing story. now back to "red eye" already
FOX News
Dec 1, 2012 11:00pm PST
la. we are told that maybe we will go back to the clinton era taxes. now obama says it would be less than that, and that was at 39%. it is not even in the same ballpark. what did you not like about the clinton era, the pace or the prosperity and i look like a human anvil. >> so you want to go back to the clinton -- >> what was wrong with that? >> i would say let's go to the clinton era of spending. the last clinton budget was $1.7 or $3.8 trillion. i am not that good at math, but that is almost double. how do you like them apples, bill some. >> who took those apples and made us heavily in debt? >> ending big government as we know it, that's not going to happen under obama. he will get the taxes and go right on spending, bill. >> i don't know. he said he wouldn't. >> let's not gang up on bill. she turned christmas cheer into a cruel jeer. a louisiana woman rigged her lights to look like a middle finger. apparently a mess seeming to her neighbors over some dispute. probably a recipe or something. cops told sara henderson that the display was involved in obscenity laws. but then she did
FOX News
Dec 8, 2012 12:00am PST
concentrating. obama wasn't just a pot smoker like clinton he was a pothead. you couldn't breathe if you went into his dorm room. you would die. you would have to wear an fdny mask. it is particularly galling he is doing this. who is surprised? who was surprised when washington state and colorado said we are making it legal. charles lynch, the name sake of the word lynch, same name, the old charles lynch started the name, lynching -- >> what are you getting at? >>en tau monthly gee slows you down. >> what is your point? >> he was selling legal marijuana in california and everything was could cool and groove vee and then he looks at a sentence of 100 years. and there was another guy who happened to have a gun on him. he has 55 years in jail. the judge said it was ridiculous he had to serve this much time. all-americans agree this law is ridiculous. we have a weed head president who used to smoke so much pot you could get high talking to him. the pro prohibition will not end. >> if it doesn't end now it will never end. what are the laws in britten it. do you have laws ? >> we don't have an
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)